Destined for music, Manny Lopez was born in 1985 in La Lima, Honduras. As a young boy he had not yet realized both his native country and later relocation to Los Angeles would contribute to his soon to be music career.

Born in a country in which music is a way of life, Manny at an early age began to be influenced by the Caribbean driven sounds Honduras had to offer. The rich sounds of Reggae and Punta were what began the fire.

At the age of 8, Manny moved to Los Angeles; one of the greatest capitols of music. It was as though he couldn’t have arrived at a better time. In the 90’s Disc Jockeys, “Jam Master Jay” and “DJ Enrie” were carving the way for deejays worldwide. Manny, like many other kids of that era recalls rushing home afterschool to press the record button in what at that time were known as cassette players.

Growing up in a culture of music, and being exposed to ground breaking deejays soon inspired Manny to begin his own pursuit for his passion; music.

With what started as a hobby, Manny began to collect music. He later linked up with another young deejay from LA. With various inspiring influences, he finally made his first major music equipment purchase in 2001. Manny began working on his musical skills, and began his path doing mobile gigs. Through these gigs he met others who were also involved in the music industry. He was invited to join the Extreme Axcess team, in which he quickly gathered a following because of his fresh, Latin inspired sound. It was during this time that the name “DJ Man-E” was launched.

He continued to DJ for many events and other local gigs, but also quickly began to expand in the nightlife scene.

DJ Man-E is still on the road dj’ing for various events. You can find him at different venues on a weekly basis, and find his mixes/song edits online.

Manny Lopez  aka Dj Man-E